Historical Genesis

From Adam To Abraham

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Sennacherib, king of Assyria (705–681 BC) can be found in 2 Kings warring against Hezekiah. When the archives at Nineveh were discovered one tablet ascribed to Sennacherib made mention of the war and named Hezekiah by name. It was Sennacherib who destroyed Babylon in 689 BC including the infamous tower of Babel, dumping the bricks in a canal.

Restoration of the tower at Babylon was begun by Nabopolassar, the founder of the Neo-Babylonian dynasty, about 625 to 605 BC. These are his words: “The lord Marduk commanded me concerning Etemenanki, the staged tower of Babylon, which before my time had become dilapidated and ruinous, that I should make its foundations secure in the bosom of the nether world, and make its summit like the heavens.”

The re-construction of the tower was completed by king Nebuchadnezzar (603-562 BC). Herodotus visited Babylon about 460 BC and gave this report: “In the midst of the temple a solid tower was constructed, one stadium in length and one stadium in width. Upon this tower stood another, and again upon this another, and so on, making eight towers in all, one upon another. All eight towers can be climbed by means of a spiral staircase which runs round the outside. About halfway up there are seats where those who make the ascent can sit and rest. In the topmost tower there is a great temple, and in the temple is a golden table.”