Historical Genesis

From Adam To Abraham

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Chapter 6 - Adam and the Legend of Adapa

There is one historical personality who, although encumbered with mythological embellishments, very well may have been Adam of the Bible - the legendary Adapa. Several fragments of the "Legend of Adapa" were taken from the Library of Ashurbanipal at Nineveh. One also was found in the Egyptian archives of Amenophis III and IV of the fourteenth century BC. To date, six fragments of the Adapa legend have been discovered written in various Semitic languages. Versions and fragments of the Adapa myth have been found in Akkadian, Canaanitish-Babylonian, Assyrian and Amorite. Even a Sumerian version similar to the Akkadian legend was discovered at Tell Haddad.

According to the legend, Ea created Adapa an exemplary man, endowed with "superhuman wisdom," but not eternal life. A fishing accident angered Adapa, who broke the wing of the south wind, and was summoned to heaven to appear before father-god, Anu. Ea had warned Adapa not to eat a certain food or drink any water that would be offered to him. A cautious Adapa shuns the food and water of life, whereby he would have acquired eternal life, and he is sent back to earth to live out his days.

Adam of the Bible and Adapa were "created" human sons of God (god). According to the legend, Adapa was a sage, a profoundly wise man, in Eridu. Adapa prepared the altar table. Daily while Ea (his creator) slept in his chamber, Adapa guarded the sanctuary. Regarded as a prophet or seer, Adapa had been priest of the temple of Ea at Eridu. He was described as "blameless," "clean of hands," "anointer and observer of laws." Could that also describe Adam, the first type of Christ? Also, Adam was taken from the ground; in the Hebrew: 'adam from 'adamah. How close phonetically is 'adamah to Adapa?

Could it be only coincidence that Adam was told "by the sweat of his face" he would eat "bread," and Adapa was a baker by trade; or that Adapa was deprived of eternal life by not eating or drinking the "food and water of life," while Adam was cut off from eating the fruit of the "tree of life"? In one version, Adapa was given vast understanding "that he might give names to all ‘concepts’ in the earth." And Adam was tasked to name the "creatures" of the earth. Adapa was offered new garments, and Adam was clothed by God. Adapa was returned to the earth and Adam was told he too would return to the earth.